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d20 Character generator for your Star*Drive campaign, now available to the public for the first time so that you -- yes, you! -- can send in your comments, questions and most of all bug reports.  Don't miss your opportunity to recieve a FREE! brief note of thanks on a WEBSITE!  Excited?  Crapping yourself in 100% AUTHENTIC joy?  Don't change your pants yet, friend, because this deal just gets better.  What's our secret?  Mass!

Just look at the features:
* Character Sheet ripped off from Shannon Greene's Hero Forge.
* Equipment conversions swiped from John Owen's d20 Alternity.

Featuring rules from such gaming giants as:
d20 Modern -- Wizards of the Coast
d20 Future -- More Wizards of the Coast
Blood & Space 2: High Flyers and Ground Pounders -- RPG Objects
Blood & Space 2 - Merchants, Pirates and Smugglers -- RPG Objects

Trust me when I say you'll also want a copy of the Star*Drive campaign setting, which is always available on eBay, and now through the magic of the Internet can be yours electronicaly from These Guys.  You may also want your own copy of the Star*Drive Arms and Equipment Guide, full of campaign flavor that you just can't get from the minimal stats presented in the Star*Forge spreadsheet.  Be warned however that if you don't already own these books, you've missed your chance to have been into it way before it was cool.

But despair not, young sinner.  You can still get in on the exciting and expanding world of bug reporting.  Download now!
Then you can submit your comments and questions to:

Known issues:
Psionics not supported.
Word wrap doesn't work correctly on the back sheet when the list of abilities grows too large.
Star Frontiers races listed for the hell of it, but not fully implemented.
Synergy Bonuses not entered.

8/19/05 – Avatar sheet added.

 6/8/2005 – New, smoother interface.